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online Exhibitions

You are invited to participate in four online exhibitions a year. This opportunity is available to Visions artist level members. As an artist level member you can submit work to the online exhibitions, have your website or blog linked from the Visions Art Museum website and receive complimentary entry fees for all Visions juried exhibitions.

Managing curators are members of the Visions Curatorial Committee. Please email your entries to visions@visionsartmuseum.org and use Online Exhibition as the subject. Images must measure 650 pixels or more at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch and be JPG files.

To the Point

October 2016 - The Artists are: B.J. Adams, Linda Amundson, Nancy Bardach, Linda Beach, Maria Billings, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Edie Greenberg, Leah Higgins, Frances Holliday Alford, Quauhtemoc Q. Kish, Paulette G. Landers, Kathy Piper

Under a Spell

July 2016 - The artists are: Sandra Abrams, Linda Anderson, Nancy Bardach, Maria Billings, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Janet Fulton, Suzanne Gegna, Edith Greenberg, Cuauhtémoc Kish, Nancy Lemke, Viviana Lombrozo, Sherri Lipman McCauley, Gillian Moss, Carole R. Rossi and Margareta Thelander.


April 2016 - The artists are: Frances Holliday Alford, Loretta Alvarado, Linda Anderson, Nancy Bardach, Maria Billings, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Vicki Conley, Cathy Denton, Janet Fulton, Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik, Edie Greenberg, Christine Hager-Braun, Leah Higgins, Nelda McComb, Alicia Merrett, Elaine Millar, Ellen November, Dan Olfe, Nancy Ota, Frauke Palmer, Sally Sellers, Deb Sorem, K. Vellis Turan, Shea Wilkinson and Nancy Woods.

Soul Food

January 2016 - The artists are: Frances Alford, Andrea Bacal, Maria Billings, Charlotte Bird, Kay Laboda, Sandra Lauterbach, Nelda McComb, Mardell Rampton, Ellen B. Spellman.