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Birds Eye View by Wen Redmond

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Interpretations: Celebrating 30 Years

A trio of international jurors selected 32 contemporary quilts from 248 entries for Interpretations: Celebrating 30 Years. The commemorative exhibition marks the 30th year since the founding of Quilt San Diego, now Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles in the arts and culture district of Liberty Station, San Diego, California. [more]

Navigating Awareness by Viviana Lombrozo

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Excavating for Meaning

Excavating for Meaning is an exhibition of highly textured quilted textiles inspired by architectural excavations and the mysteries held within layers of discovery. San Diego artist Viviana Lombrozo has created maps, shields and hanging works for this solo exhibit.

Run Bright & Reflect by Linda Colsh

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Hearing the Quiet: Walking the Creeks

Hearing the Quiet: Walking the Creeks is an intimate exhibition by Maryland artist Linda Colsh. Stones and rocks rest alongside and under the water in each of the three creeks along her walks. They change in color and shape affected by the seasons, time of day and the color of the sky. Colsh has created six pieces expressly for this exhibition.

Fluorescent Curves by Deb Mackay

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Curves - Visions Members’ Challenge

Curves is a series of quilts by Visions Art Museum members on the theme, each 10 inches high and 14 inches wide.