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January 1—March 31, 2016Soul Food - Online Exhibitioin

The artists are: Frances Alford, Andrea Bacal, Maria Billings, Charlotte Bird, Kay Laboda, Sandra Lauterbach, nelda McComb, Mardell Rampton, Ellen B. Spellman.

And then Termites Ate the Purple Dog by Yvonne Porcella

January 16—April 3, 2016 Yvonne Porcella: 50 Years an Artist

A Visionary Artist Comes to Visions Art Museum

Meet contemporary art icon Yvonne Porcella at the Visions Art Museum opening reception for Yvonne Porcella: 50 Years an Artist, Kathleen Probst's Modern Simplicity, Darcy Falk's Riot of Color: Divining Treasure, and Earth, Wind, Fire & Water from Canyon Quilters of San Diego on January 16, 2016 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Admission is $7. Visions Art Museum members are complimentary. Light refreshments will be served. [more]

Dipped Dimension by Kathleen Probst

January 16—April 3, 2016 Modern Simplicity, Kathleen Probst

Modern Simplicity reflects Kathleen Probst's path toward minimalism. Her work is influenced by mid-century modern furniture, and the art and architecture of the Bauhaus era. Using her hand-dyed fabric, a camera and a computer, Probst balances clean lines and simplicity with design elements of strong color that define her shapes. Large expanses of open space provide a stage for subtle quilting letting her bold graphic designs inform the work. [more]

A Day in the Life by Darcy Falk

January 16—April 3, 2016 Riot of Color: Divining Treasure, Darcy Falk

Riot of Color: Divining Treasure introduces Darcy Falk's Schematics series of vibrant collages reflecting her childhood fascination with machines beginning with old cars at her grandfather's auto repair shop. More recently, she began to collect mechanical drawings starting with an original patent drawing for an antique American Beauty iron purchased at a thrift store. That was followed by schematics for toasters and other household appliances, along with instruction manuals for vintage cars and farm equipment. [more]

It's Elemental by Carol Sebastian-Neely

January 16—April 3, 2016 Earth, Wind, Fire & Water - Canyon Quilters Challenge